OMOTHERM division was founded by OMOS company Ltd. at the beginning of 2014. It was founded for fireplace stoves production. This production includes our own product line of design fireplace stoves which design and colour can be chosen by a customer. The advantage of OMOTHERM fireplace stoves is their high quality which can be seen both in the design and in technical parametres. Our own team of experienced developers and designers with many years of experience in the field of fireplaces permanently follows latest trends in fireplace stoves production. These trends are used during development and construction processes. Design of our products is also very important for us, therefore we work together with experienced specialists in the field of an industrial design. The result of this cooperation are high quality products with  reasonable and competitive prices which are able to meet your expectations.

Quality and accuracy of our products go without saying. They are guaranteed by the ISO 9001 certification


The biggest advantage of our products is fuel – wood.
  • Wood is the oldest fuel in history
  • Flames of burning wood are soothing
  • Wood is a renewable source of energy

We try to make our products more environmentally friendly. All of them reach the most strict environmental laws for wood combustion in Europe, German and Austrian BImSchV 15a B-VG.