Fireplace stove ODIN

Double-skin hot-air fireplace stove ODIN with a choice of colours and optional stands.

Technical specification:

Type:Double-case hot-air
Nominal output: 7 kW
Adjustable output: 6 - 10 kW
Efficiency: 85 %
Dimensions (h x l x w): 950 x 820 x 550 mm   
Weight: 220 kg (incl. stand)
Flue outlet diameter: 150 mm
Min. operating chimney draught:12 Pa
Fuel:Wood, wooden briquettes
Fuel consumption:1,8 kg/h
Recommended log length:33 cm
CO content at 13% O2:0,09 %
Average flue gas temperature:257°C
Certification in accordance with:EN 13229,  BImSchV Stufe 2, 15a B-VG


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Optional colours:

Colour of top and side coverings, colour of stands
Black Metallic
Colour of door frames and drawers
Black MetallicCopperPearl Beige

Optional stands:

Ashtray and firebox: